InnovetPet CBD Oil for Large Dogs

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InnovetPet CBD Oil for Large Dogs – 30mL – 750mg

Key Features

  • 100% Organic hemp-based phytocannabinoid (CBD) oil sourced from Oregon and Colorado
  • Sonicated with UltraSound for Increased Bioavailability
  • Full-Spectrum phytocannabinoid obtained via cold CO2 extraction
  • Third-Party Lab Tested for quality, safety, and efficacy.
  • Proudly Made in the USA with Certified Organic hemp carrier oil
  • Rich in Natural Terpenes and Cannabinoids for a full Entourage Effect
  • Extract derived from mature hemp stalks & seeds to be legal in all 50 states
  • Contains zero chemical or pesticide residue
  • Absolutely no “high”
  • No additives or preservatives
  • 100% Non-GMO, Organic, and Vegan
  • To be used as a non-nutritional botanical extract
  • Canada and New Hampshire don’t allow out of state CBD imports




  • Contains the full range of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids with boosted amounts of CBD, CBG, and CBC for tailored cannabinoid support.


  • This provides healthy fats for the phytocannabinoids and terpenes to attach to, making them much easier for the body to absorb and use. Hempseed oil brings along its own benefits of anti-inflammatory omega fatty acids as a bonus.

We Offer 5 Great Ways to Find The Perfect Dose for Your Dog

1. CBD Dosing Basics

Every Bottle Has These Basic Dosing Instructions

  • 1 Level PurCBD 125mg (For Dogs Under 20 lbs): 1 drop per 5 lbs up to 4 times a day
  • 2 Level PurCBD 250mg (For Dogs 20-50 lbs): 1 drop per 10 lbs up to 4 times a day
  • 3 Level PurCBD 750mg (For Dogs 50-75 lbs): 1 drop per 25 lbs up to 4 times a day
  • 4 Level PurCBD 1500mg (For Dogs 75-100 lbs): 1 drop per 50 lbs up to 4 times a day
  • 5 Level PurCBD 3000mg (For Dogs Over 100 lbs): 1 drop per 100 lbs up to 4 times a day

2. CBD Dosing Calculator

The quickest way to find out how much CBD you should give your dog is our CBD Dosage Calculator. Simply input your dog’s weight along with the total amount of CBD there is in the product you purchased, and you’re set. The calculator will show you the spectrum of dosing options that are available for your dog.

Click Here for the CBD Dosing Calculator

3. Dosing by Weight

LOW TIER (0.022 mg/lb or 0.05mg/kg): If you’ve never given your dog CBD before, this level is the perfect place to start. It will allow you to introduce CBD into their system and from there you can gradually increase the dosage in order to find the perfect balance. According to clinical studies that were focused on defining effective CBD amounts for anxiety, nausea, and other more severe problems, a higher dosage than this low level might be necessary. We always recommend starting low and work your way up.

AVERAGE TIER (0.068 mg/lb or 0.15 mg/kg): This level is perfect for those looking to help maintain the natural bodily functions in your dog. When age is starting to come into play it can help put more pep in their step by allowing them to make the most of what they already have.

STRONG TIER (0.136 mg/lb or 0.30 mg/kg): When serious relief and help are needed, this is the tier for your dog. Most owners won’t give their dogs this dose every day, but no worries if you need to. At this dosage level, you may see CBD make your pet a bit tired, but there is no harm in this happening.

4. Comprehensive Dosing Guide

We have compiled all of the most up-to-date dosing information based on customer feedback as well as current scientific research and trials, to provide you with a comprehensive dosing list.

Look in the Product images for Dosing Guides for PurCBD+ 125mg, 250mg, 750mg, & 1500mg CBD Oils

Using the Detailed CBD Oil Dosing Chart

First, find the Dosing Chart in the Product images above.

From there decide on what strength of dosage you want to give your pet: Minimum, Average, Medium, Strong or Maximum. If not sure, start with the minimum.

  • The Minimum dose is calculated based on 0.05mg/kg
  • The Average dose is calculated based on 0.45mg/kg
  • The Strong dose is calculated based on 1.25mg/kg
  • The Maximum daily dose is calculated based on 5.00mg/kg

Find your pet’s weight on the left-hand side of the chart and follow the grid to the right until you reach the desired strength you have decided on. When you arrive at the correct block it will give you the suggested drops to administer your pet every 6-8 hours (Note that ½ of the dropper is equivalent to 16 drops).

If your suggested dosage says to use another level of CBD find the respected dosing chart and start off with the minimum dosage for your pet’s weight.

Dosing CBD doesn’t have to be confusing. In fact, some of the best advice we can offer is to monitor how your pet reacts to CBD and make adjustments accordingly. Unlike many drugs, there is little to worry about when increases dosages.

Some pets react well to low doses, while others need a good bit more. We always recommend watching for side effects or abnormalities whenever changing dosages, but if you see your pet reacting well to a higher dose, there is nothing to be concerned about.

5. CBD Dosing Calculator App

Coming Soon to the App Store and Google Play Store

Common Methods of Administering

  1. Firsty, apply the drops directly to the middle of the tongue or back of the cheek/gum line, we make the dropper with plastic instead of glass just in case your pet bites down
  2. Secondly, apply the drops to a treat or meal.
  3. Lastly, apply the drops to the water bowl (use this as a last resort because the oil drop could get splashed out of the bowl). MUST-READ BLOG: CBD Dosage for Dogs and Cats 101

How Does Innovet PurCBD Compare in Price to the Competition?

Since we manufacture all of our CBD products in-house, we are able to provide you with high-quality products at the lowest price! Look in the product images to compare top competitors’ products to ours to see how much you can save!

*Product is not available for sale or shipment into California

Lab Results Click HERE


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