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Nutty Hemp InnovetPet CBD Peanut Better For Dogs – 750mg

“This product is intended to be used as a non-nutritional botanical extract. It is NOT intended to be used as a source of food or feed. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

✅ 100% Full Spectrum Hemp CBD – Only 0.01% THC!
✅ All-Natural & Organic
✅ Independently Lab Tested
✅ Non-GMO & NO Pesticides or Soy


Active Ingredients:

  • 100% Full Spectrum Pure CBD Oil
  • Virgin Hemp Seed Oil
  • Turmeric
  • Flaxseed Oil

Inactive Ingredients: Human-grade Sugar-Free Peanut Butter

Recommended: Store in the fridge to maintain its quality for at least 3-4 months

Suggested Daily Use: 

750mg Suggested Use:

  • Less than 25lbs: ½ tbsp per dose
  • More than 25 lbs: 1 tbs per dose

What Is Nutty Hemp For Dogs?

Nutty Hemp is the ultimate anti-inflammatory solution for dogs who don’t do well with traditional anti-inflammatory drugs commonly used to treat arthritis, painsore joints, and torn ligaments.

Maybe your dog hates taking pills! Experiences side effects from them! Or you simply prefer a natural approach to treating issues relating to inflammation.

Also, Nutty Hemp is here to solve all those problems!

Nutty Hemp combines four powerful botanical anti-inflammatories (CBD, Turmeric, Flaxseed Oil, & Hemp Seed Oil) and tops it off with a delicious 100% human-grade sugar-free peanut butter flavor that will have your pup going bonkers to take their new favorite treat.

Designed to help give your dog their happiest, healthiest, and overall best life, Nutty Hemp only uses responsibly sourced ingredients assembled in the USA.

Perfect for supporting the immune system, helping senior pups feel young again, and giving dogs of all ages the hip & joint support they deserve, and frankly, need.

How Does Nutty Hemp Work?

Simple! Nutty Hemp is a combination of natural anti-inflammatories that everyone from your local health gurus to world-renowned veterinarians agrees are delightfully amazing. We chose CBD, Turmeric, Flaxseed, and Hemp Seed Oil because they all work on different pathways to fight uncontrolled inflammation and balance the immune system.

After countless hours of trial and error, we finally discovered the delicate ratio where these ingredients’ anti-inflammatory benefits are truly unearthed. Together they create the most well-rounded and all-encompassing natural anti-inflammatory aid that we know exists.

With a mouthwatering peanut butter flavor, you’ll never have to fight your dog to take their medicine again.

An Up-Close Look At The Ingredients

Unbalanced inflammation is a problem for most dogs, but fighting inflammation and bringing stability to the immune system doesn’t have to be complex. With just four carefully selected ingredients, we’ve achieved what many thought impossible!

Nutty Hemp is a natural anti-inflammatory that aids in the inflammatory process at every step. And unlike many anti-inflammatories, you can give Nutty Hemp continuously without having to worry about it damaging the liver or causing catastrophic side effects.

Here are those amazing ingredients we chose up close.

CBD Hemp Extract:

Leading the charge is everyone’s new favorite and perhaps the most remarkable natural anti-inflammatory, CBD. CBD doesn’t just lower inflammation, it helps regulate the immune system. So your dog sees the good side of inflammation, not the bad.

CBD’s benefits extend far beyond its immune support, helping both people and pets around the world with anxiety, pain, seizures, and cancer treatments.

Our organic CBD extract is sourced from USDA Oregon’s farms and is 100% full spectrum (with boosted levels of CBD, CBG, & CBC). Contains only 0.01% THC – 30 times less than the legal requirement!


Considered the essential ingredient in Ayurvedic remedies Turmeric’s active compound, curcumin’s benefits are endless. It’s been found to support and stimulate the immune system, fight off dangerous free radicals that trigger inflammation, aid in the absorption of other healthy compounds, and promote overall wellness.

Ayurvedic therapy — which dates back to over 3,000 years — is one of the oldest and most beloved holistic “whole-body” therapies.

Hemp Seed Oil:

It’s nearly impossible to find another food as nutrient-dense as hemp seeds. They have a distinctively unique ratio of omega-3s and 6s along with hard-to-get stearidonic acids (SDA) and gamma-linolenic acids (GLA) that protect the heart and immune system. They’re packed with a range of vitamins like A, and complex B vitamins like niacin, bioflavonoids, and thiamine.

The healthy fats in hemp seeds also stimulate the absorption and potency of CBD.

Flaxseed OIl:

Features a bountiful botanical bouquet of omega-3s, dietary fiber, protein, manganese, and lignans. Studies show Flaxseed’s amazing nutrient profile can help promote healthy digestion, aid in optimal weight, reduce inflammatory skin diseases, and benefit heart health.

Peanut Butter:

We use all-natural organic peanut butter for a delicious and healthy peanut butter flavor.

Alternative To Nutty Hemp

We offer a lot of great alternatives to Nutty Hemp. Without a doubt, our famous PurCBD for Dogs is the most popular. Use it by itself or in-conjunction with Nutty Hemp to enhance its CBD side of the benefits. Perfect for help with anxiety, epilepsy, cancer treatments, and chronic pain.

Love the idea of giving your dog more CBD, but they just don’t like the oil’s flavor? No problem, we offer CBD dog treats and soft chews in a range of mouthwatering flavors.

The Benefits: How Does Nutty Hemp Help Dogs 

Nutty Hemp was created to be the ultimate and affordable solution to issues relating to excessive inflammation.

Inflammation is not to be taken lightly! It’s seen in everything from chronic pain to cancer to even depression and anxiety. But wait, inflammation has a good side too!

It’s a delicate process that needs constant balancing, so it only shows its good side. Good inflammation does things like fight infections and helps repair damaged tissues like muscles and joints.

However, when the immune system loses control of the inflammatory process, instead of it being an agent for good, it instead starts attacking the body by mistake. Any stress can cause the immune system to lose control of inflammation from a poor diet to an injury to illness.

This is why it is so important to support our dog’s immune system if we want them to be their healthiest! Nutty Hemp combines the best natural immune-supporting ingredients to do just that.

A quick look at common conditions Nutty may help dogs with:

  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Bloating
  • Chronic Pain
  • Digestion
  • IBS
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Bowel Problems
  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Overall Wellness

Bring Back Your Best Friend’s Agility

What dog doesn’t love running, playing, and just being active! Nutty Hemp helps your dog feel their best so they can enjoy their favorite pastime without pain and stiffness. Perfect for protection and help against conditions that hinder mobility like hip dysplasia, arthritis, old injuries, and on.

Immune Support

The immune system is constantly under stress, and by supporting it, you give it the ability to carry out its crucial duties effectively. A healthy immune system is less likely to react to allergies, able to repair the body faster from daily wear-and-tear, slow down aging-related diseases, and keep irritable gut issues away. If it’s not CBD’s Immune balancing support that’s lowering inflammation, it’s Turmeric’s powerful antioxidant properties.

CBD For Pain Relief

Inflammatory pain is the leading cause of pain in older dogs and dog’s recovering from an injury. Nutty Hemp helps pain in endless ways from reducing inflammation to fixing corrupted neurons that send false pain signals to the brain. Beneficial for all forms of pain.

Stronger, Healthier, & Happier

With essential compounds like omega-3 fatty acids, along with other bountiful goodies like antioxidants, and terpenes, Nutty Hemp delivers a whole-body therapeutic experience. With Nutty Hemp, your dog may see things like a boost in energy, feel less stressed, have better digestion, see milder reactions to allergies, and on.

What Is The Recommended Dose Of Nutty Hemp / CBD Levels

We offer Nutty Hemp in two sizes: 250mg (Level 2) and 750mg (Level 3). 250mg is perfect for small and medium-small dogs, while the 750 mg version is suitable for medium, large, and giant breeds. Both versions have the same ingredients just in different amounts, and as long as you follow the ‘suggested daily use’ on the label, either version is fine for dogs of all sizes.

What The Different Levels On The Labels Mean

With CBD’s ability to help all animals of different shapes and sizes, we offer quite a few CBD products. This, along with CBD’s dosage being based on the weight, makes it crucial for us to offer our CBD items in different concentration sizes.

To make things easy, we place a level from 1-4 on all products containing CBD. Simply match the level that contains your pet’s weight to confirm if the item is the right fit. For example, level 4 products typically have around 10 times more CBD by volume than our level 1 products. Levels help ensure you don’t buy a CBD product that has too little or much CBD for your favorite companion.

Level 1 (Cats & Small Dogs)

  • 125mg: 5lbs-25lbs

Level 2 (Big Cats & Medium-Sized Dogs)

  • 250mg: 20lbs-45lbs

Level 3 (Large Dogs and equal size animals)

  • 750mg: 45lbs-90lbs

Level 4 (Giant Dogs & Horses)

  • 1500mg: 90lbs-900lbs

How Long Does It Take For Nutty To Work?

Nutty hemp works on multiple fronts, not only reducing inflammation but by also bringing balance to the immune system. As such, you will gradually see Nutty Hemp helping more and more for about a month until it has the immune system back in order.

If your dog regularly takes CBD, you may notice a significant improvement with the first dose or two. Otherwise, please allow 1-2 weeks before making a judgment. We offer 30-days money back on all CBD products.

Does Nutty Hemp Have Side Effects?

One of the most important things we had to do when creating this ultimate inflammatory aid was to only use safe and non-toxic ingredients; we did just that.

While side effects are extremely unlikely, mild issues are possible. If you notice any signs such as an upset stomach, tiredness, or another abnormal issue, please discontinue use and contact your vet if symptoms continue.

Feel free to contact us as well!

CBD Oil For Cats and Other Animals?

With CBD and other incredible natural anti-inflammatories leading the charge, Nutty Hemp is the ultimate anti-inflammatory aid that has a delightful peanut butter flavor dogs can’t resist.

We’ve heard from countless cat owners that they wish they had something like Nutty Hemp, especially since cats don’t always like CBD’s grassy flavor. We’d never leave our lovely felines and their incredible owners in the dark. That’s why we created PurHemp With Catnip Oil.

Not only does the added catnip makes them fall head over heels for it, catnip also has wonderful and potent calming and immune-supporting benefits.

And to not leave out our biggest pets, we offer a range of CBD products for horses and other farm animals.

Measures We Take To Ensure Ingredient Quality 

Hemp, Turmeric, Flaxseeds, and Peanuts. Four amazing plants that come for the ultimate support in immune and general health. We strongly believe less is more!

First, because unlike others, we don’t believe in junking up our products with fillers. Second, by limiting our selection to only the best ingredients, we can ensure we are handling each with absolute care to ensure the best quality around.

  • Organic: Fewer pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, fresher ingredients, healthier farming practices, and richer nutrient content. What isn’t there to love about organic?! We only source our ingredients from organic and trusted farms.
  • Extraction Method: All the ingredients in Nutty Hemp have been carefully extracted for the highest purity, potency, and safety. Includes solventless CO2 extraction and cold pressing.
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA): Whether you’re buying CBD oil or an enriched CBD product like Nutty Hemp, you always want to confirm the company is having their CBD products sent out to an independent lab that tests the product’s content for accuracy, quality, and any trace of pesticides.
  • Inactive Ingredients: Just because an ingredient isn’t at the forefront in delivering the most benefits, doesn’t mean we treat it with any less care. Every ingredient we use is placed under the strictest standards set by the authority in relative fields.
  • Full Spectrum: Nutty Hemp features our most popular CBD extract, our PURCBD Full Spectrum. Our Full Spectrum CBD oil keeps all the beneficial terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids together for the best results.

Is CBD Right For Your Dog?

All dogs can benefit from having their immune system supported, and Nutty Hemp gives pet owners an easy and affordable way to do just that! Dogs that struggle with hip & joint issuesallergies, and chronic inflammation are likely to see incredible improvements with it. Hands down, there is no better peanut butter dog treats around! Rich with a botanical blend of anti-inflammatories, phytocannabinoids, terpenes, curcumin, essential omega fatty acids, fiber, protein, and vitamins A, B, E, D, and K, Nutty Hemp will have your favorite companion feeling their best. And with a great peanut butter taste, Nutty Hemp will have your pup going nutty for them!


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